About Us

Brainwiz started in the year 2011 as a student run organisation to promote extracurricular activities among students. We always believed that extracurricular activities can be a great way to learn besides competing. Our focussed programs on Model UNs along with quizzes, debates and other activities that we conducted both online and offline enhanced 21st century skills among the students.
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Within a span of 4 years, Brainwiz became synonymous with education for the 21st century and we reached out to more than 20,000 students, worked with 60+ educational institutions and conducted over 100 events.

Our programs were so unique and yet educative that gradually organisations that wanted to reach out to students to promote learning for the 21st century started collaborating with us in our events. We have had a chance to work with organisations like the UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan, the American Center, ICRC, India Water Partnership, Global Water Partnership, UN Youth Associations of Bangladesh and Switzerland, NHRC and many more.
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Brainwiz is now rolling out its one of its kind student development program that aims at using the existing curriculum to enhance the 21st-century skills of the students with a special focus on character building. Our assessment portal is a freely available platform that allows students to take up 21st-century skills assessments and our specially designed workshops aim at catering to the gaps identified in the skill gaps.
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We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn and compete with the world. Hence, all our programs are affordable and we offer scholarships to those who deserve them. Brainwiz has had a chance to work with some amazing people in the field of education, social entrepreneurship and inclusivity. They have helped shape our organisation and our programs in a way that the students gain maximum benefit from the engagement with us.
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