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While we encourage school students ranging from classes VI to XII to sign up, you can also sign up if you do not fall in that category.
We do not need your phone number. Only those students who are registered through a partner organization or a school have to provide a phone number. We keep this information as an emergency contact detail for those students who might attend any of our future workshops, activities, events, competitions etc.
All those students who are registered both, as an individual and under a special assessment program run by their schools or any other partner organizations will see multiple options to login. This is because our assessments may vary from organization to organization.
If you sign in as an individual, you can take the every assessment test once. We do provide different assessment tests to all the learners on out portal, but that happens continually. You will be notified via email whenever a new assessment test is available If you sign in through a partner organization or school, you will see the assessment tests specially created for those organizations/schools. This option is most suitable when your school/organization asks you to appear for the test.
We are trying to assess the 21st century skills of the youth. Our assessments are closely based on the P21 Framework for 21st Century Skill Education. While we are not affiliated to P21, we do try to learn from their extensive research on the matter.
Our open tests are completely free for everyone. If you register through an organization/school, the payment terms of the tests will be discussed with them and will be communicated to you directly. Each of our assessments is curated very carefully and we try put in a lot of efforts to customize everything according to your needs
Each participant is given a set of questions. Most of the questions replicate real life scenarios and are aimed at assessing the quality of your response to the scenario. Please note that out of all the options provided, none is incorrect. Each option corresponds to a specific skillset.
We are trying to assess the 21st century skills of the youth. Each one of us has a specific skillset and we wish to focus on that. We also try to identify the gaps in the skills so that you can work on those skills
After assessment tests, you will be given a test report(wherever applicable). This report does not focus on the shortcomings of an individual. We try to highlight the skills you are most proficient in and this in turn gives you an opportunity to work on the skills that you might want to focus on.
Once you and many more participants like you complete the assessments, we intend to compile all the data and provide a comprehensive report to educators, policy makers and other stakeholders about the skill levels and skill gaps among the youth of the country. We expect them to take necessary steps to fill those gaps.
We do not sell our data. Your assessment data is safe with us. However, if you register through an organization/school, we will share your assessment results with them upon request.
Skills cannot be measured in a timed environment and hence, the tests are not timed. We do not want to assess how correct you can be. Instead, we want to see how do you respond to a particular scenario.
It is absolutely fine to feel that way. Our tests try to replicate real life scenarios and there is no perfect way to deal with it. Every response depends on the situation and your way of handling it. While you may feel that you can choose multiple options to deal with a scenario, stick to your instincts and pick the one that appeals to you the most
Our assessment tests give you an idea about the skills you are good at. However, there could be some skills that you can work on. Read more about the skills and identify the skills you need to work on. You may ask your school-teachers to get in touch with us if you think you would need more help in sharpening these skills. As a favor to us, please fill in this feedback form and share your thoughts about the tests. You must be signed in to fill the feedback form.

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