Our Initiatives

Brainwiz has hosted 4 Model UN Conferences between 2011 and 2014 at TERI University, Vasant Kunj. Starting in the year 2011 with 250 participants, Brainwiz Model UN Conferences grew steadily over the years seeing more than 1000 participants in 2013. The Conference went international when we hosted parallel Conferences in Dhaka, Berne and New Delhi in the year 2013.

With students discussing important world issues, we gave them a wholesome experience by involving some great minds from the UN, the American Embassy, ICRC, IWP and many more. A delegation of students from Alma College, USA also came down to Delhi to attend Brainwiz Model UN Conference. Brainwiz MUN saw Mr. Walter T. Douglas, Minister Counsellor for Public Affairs and Dr . RK Pachauri, (then) Chairperson IPCC as the Secretary Generals for our Conferences in the years 2013 and 2014.

Brainwiz Model UN was recognised by the UNIC and we went on to sign an MoU with the UNIC in 2014 to improve the quality of Model UNs across the country. Brainwiz MUN also served as a great platform for outreach activities and corporates like WAPCOS Limited, Cafe Coffee Day, WitalSee Marketing Ltd, Durex, Denver Deo and many more using our plat form to reach out to kids.

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We soon realised that while Model UN Conferences are a great plat form for students to express their opinion on important world issues, there was a need to teach them the functioning of the UN and the process of research. Brainwiz hence, rolled out its MUN Training program for school students. Our training program became so popular that within a span of 2 years, we were catering to many schools in Delhi -NCR on a regular basis and were recognised as official Model UN Training Partners by the UNIC.

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Educating the students, although important , does not serve the purpose if the teachers' thoughts don't align with those of the students. Hence, we organised 2 Teachers' Forums, one in 2013, in collaboration with the US Embassy and another one in 2015, in collaboration with the UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan.

The purpose of these forums was to discuss the importance of extra curricular activities amongst students and to list the best practices while organising these activities.

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Community building has always been our prime motive. We, in our efforts to achieve that created an online portal on which the students interested in discussing global issues can come together and express their minds freely. The Portal enjoyed a following of over 2000 individuals who regularly discussed important political and global issues.

Quizzing has always been the forte for Brainwiz. We recognise quizzing as an activity that not only hones one's analytical skills but also inculcates team playing in students. Brainwiz organised multiple quizzes, both online and offline to reach out to thousands of students.

Our online quizzes on World Environment Day, World Tiger Day, Sitcoms, Football, Cricket and Sports received widespread appreciation. We also partnered with Colleges to conduct quizzes on Women, Symbols, History, Mathematics and IT.

Brainwiz helps City Montessori School, Lucknow to organise their annual quizzes every year.

Like Model UNs, Debates also help students improve their speaking and listening skills. Brainwiz has had a team of debaters who have traveled to multiple colleges and schools to spread their knowledge on debating and help students understand the concept better. Out of many debates that we have done, some are the ones at Law College, Dehradun, Miranda House and NIIT University in Neemrana.

We have tried to do our bit to help the underprivileged by training EWS category students for free in the past. We have also collaborated with NGOs in the past to involve more students in the activities we undertook.

Brainwiz has always understood the relevance of environment as a pressing issue and has always tried to involve students in the activities centred around environment.

Our collaboration with India Water Partnership and AROH Foundation to celebrate the World Water Day in 2013 is one such example. We have also ensured that Environment is always discussed as a major agenda at all Brainwiz Model UN Conferences. We tied up with Pragati, the Environment Society of SRCC to spread the message of environment conservation at their annual fest. We also celebrated the World Environment Day and Global Tiger Day through our online Quizzes.

Brainwiz has enjoyed a huge following of over 10,000 followers on its Facebook page in the past. One major contributing factor to that was the online activities that we did with students on our social media handles.

Our online quizzes on World Environment Day, World Tiger Day, Sitcoms, Football, Cricket and Sports received widespread appreciation. We also partnered with Colleges to conduct quizzes on Women, Symbols, History, Mathematics and IT.

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Taking our vision that learning should not be restricted to classrooms, Brainwiz launched an Online Course on Responsibility to Protect doctrine. The course consisted of a preliminary in-depth thesis that lays the basis of R2P, its foundations and history, its sources and protection mechanisms substantive rights and contemporary challenges. The course continued to grow with additional reading material and secondary readings. The readings list ended with questions to consider and subsequently formulate well-structured answers supported by research and extrapolations.

Upon the successful completion of the course and based on the end-of -course answers the students were awarded a certification from Brainwiz.

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