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The Student Development Program at Brainwiz is designed by educators and psychologists and the process we follow takes into account the present understanding of the students, the gaps in their knowledge & 21st century skills, progress made by students during the programme and the requirements of the schools/partner organisations.

Our 8 step process goes like this:

We conduct various assessments for students to understand the gaps in their knowledge. Our assessment portal allows students to create their profiles, take up assessments available for them, view their scores and skills and also keep the scores for future reference.
Various assessments available for students are
  • 21st Century Skills Assessments - These assessments simulate real life scenarios and students are asked to pick the option they feel their response would be to that situation. Each option has a set of skills attached to it and as the students go on answering questions, our specialised algorithms map the skills that the students have.
    We do not believe in telling students how much they lack a skill. We highlight their strengths and work towards improving the gaps
  • Civics Assessments - These are specialised questions right out of the civics textbooks. The questions are designed in a way that they induce critical thinking and test students on the understanding of a concept rather than their ability to memorise.
  • SDG Assessments - These assessments are specially designed to gauge how much do the learners know about the Sustainable Development Goals and what is their perception of these goals. The questions are directly out of their lives and the results of this assessment serve as a baseline for us to modify our content accordingly
  • Self Assessments - These are the assessments as given by Partnership for 21st Century Skill Education. It allows learners to identify their own skill gaps and reflect upon their improvements
Our assessments are available both online(in English) and offline(in English and Hindi)

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Once every student undergoes basic assessments, we then analyse the results to identify the learning gaps in the group.

The workshop content is customised to ensure that

  • 21st Century Skill gaps are catered to
  • Various topics that the students do not understand are covered in depth
  • Learners are given ample exposure to the SDGs
Once the analysis is done and the content is modified, we then conduct a series of workshops to enhance the 21st century skills and SDG awareness among the students. Our specialised workshops give students ample exposure to how the world around them functions the way it does.

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Students are constantly motivated to participate in activities that are performed within classrooms. Each workshop comprises of various thought building workshops. Students are also exposed to extra curricular activities like Model UNs, Quizzes, Debates etc within classes and.
Students are motivated to use the knowledge and skills imparted to them in various workshops and complete group projects. These projects are designed in such a way that the students end up solving problems that affect them and the society around them directly.
We believe in providing the most suited content to all the students and hence use tools like feedback, evaluation and self assessments regularly to keep our workshops relevant and fun.
Imparting 21st Century Skills is not a one time process. During our engagement with schools, we organise capacity building sessions for teachers so that they can utilise our techniques in their classes and keep the students involved in the process of learning.

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