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On the journey of becoming engineers, our founders interacted with students across the country and realised the disparity between the students from similar educational backgrounds. They soon realised the importance of extracurricular activities in shaping and developing the personality of a student. In this quest to enhance the  skills of the youth, they, with a team of talented trainers began training students across the country.

Years later, in an effort to create a wider impact, Tarush Jain decided to take this initiative online and thus came into being Brainwiz Online and various other projects aimed at making an entire generation Future Ready!

What We Do

We offer a plethora of services for students, educational institutions, and think-tanks

Soft Skills Development Programs​

We curate online and offline programs for students and educators that are aimed at developing the key 21st-century competencies of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Leadership, Communication, and more.

Outreach and Implementation​

We assist educational institutions, think-tanks, and other organizations with project planning, strategy, implementation, and documentation support for large-scale education projects.

Capacity Building for Institutions​

We work with educational institutions in building their capacities to take up education for 21st-century skills and other holistic development programs for the youth.

Interested in implementing the National Education Policy 2020 at your institution?

On the Panel

Watch the founder, Tarush Jain share his thoughts on EdTech on NewsX

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SDG Awareness Survey

The findings of our SDG Awareness Survey were covered by Daily Hunt!


Holistic Skill Development for NCC

Our work for the NCC Prayagraj Group and the findings make way into The Prevalant Indian Portal

Roundtable Meeting on ESD with UNIC

The Roundtable meeting on ESD was covered by India CSR Network

About the Founder

Tarush Jain is the Founder and Director of Brainwiz.

A B-TECH graduate in computer science, Mr. Jain has worked with several startups, Government of India, and NGOs working in the education sector.

Under the leadership of Mr. Jain, Brainwiz has worked with organisations like the UN Information Centre, UNESCO, NCC, and many more. Brainwiz has been able to engage with hundreds of educational institutions globally, taking its impact to over 40,000 learners.

Besides working with students, Mr. Jain also advocates for education for sustainable development through public outreach. He has been on national news on channel NEWSX, written articles on several OpEds, co-authored an article with the Chief of Education at UNESCO New Delhi, and spoken at a TEDx Conference.

Mr. Jain is now working towards making education affordable and accessible to all through his latest innovation under Brainwiz Online and Hello Brainwiz.

Our Projects

Here’s a list of all the amazing things we do


Check our course on Model UNs, prepared in partnership with the UN Information Center for India and Bhutan. Learners receive a certificate from UNIC upon successful completion of the course.

Making an entire
generation Future Ready!

Now in line with the National Education Policy 2020

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