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Affected by Covid19? Don’t worry! We have found a solution to solve the learning crisis in the country and ensure the doorstep delivery of Right to Education!

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How it Works?


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Hello Brainwiz will give you multiple ways to prepare the topic of your choice on your chat

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What Goes Behind?

“Hello Brainwiz” utilises the reach and familiarity of WhatsApp to provide an amazing learning experience to students who find it difficult to subscribe to online classes and other learning platforms.


Best of freely available online content for learners, saving them hours of online research


We take data privacy very seriously. Only share your name for a good chat experience


We can not put a price to education. “Hello Brainwiz” is absolutely FREE to use


Still got some questions? Here’s what others are asking.

Do I need any technical knowledge to learn using "Hello Brainwiz"?

If you have a smartphone, can send and read a WhatsApp chats, and are enthusiastic about learning online, you are good to go.

Will it ask for any personal or credit card details?

“Hello Brainwiz” is absolutely FREE to use and we do not ask for any bank/card details. The only piece of information we ask for is your name, to provide you with a personalised chat.

Each time you start a new chat, you have the option to enter a new name and learn new things.

What content is available on "Hello Brainwiz"?

Presently, “Hello Brainwiz” offers content based on CBSE curriculum for classes VI, VII, VIII, X. Content for higher classes will be added soon.

We are updating our content regularly.

What languages is "Hello Brainwiz" available in?

Presently, “Hello Brainwiz” is available in the widely accepted language Hinglish(a mix of Hindi and English). Hinglish has evolved as the language texting and we are not far behind.

“Hello Brainwiz” will be made available in Hindi along with various other regional languages soon.


Content Partner

Now find the amazing learning resources created and curated by Gurushala on your WhatsApp chat with Hello Brainwiz.

We thank them for joining the initiative as Content Partner.

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Now in line with the National Education Policy 2020

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