Implementation for UNESCO MGIEP

Implementation of 3 Online Courses for more than 2,500 students


We worked closely with the project teams of UNESCO MGIEP to implement and provide functional support for 3 Online Courses focussed towards enhancing Socio-Emotional learning competencies of students. 

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Field of Work

– Implementation and Outreach
– Technical Support
– Project Planning and Strategy

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Watch some of the highlights if the implementations in 2019 and 2020

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UNESCO MGIEP is empowering institutions with learning and teaching content around Socio-Emotional Learning and Global Citizenship Education.

UNESCO MGIEP is pioneering the development of resources for learners and educators to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in existing curricula. One of these ways is to integrate these resources is through UNESCO MGIEP’s e-learning platform Framerspace. UNESCO MGIEP works closely with schools and educators to test the content and outcomes of these programs for institutional and policy recommendations. These courses that Brainwiz implemented are:

1. Digital Intercultural Exchange – DICE

2. Global Citizenship – GC

3. Games for Learning – Bury Me, My Love! – Identity in Crisis


Scope of Work

Brainwiz provided Project Planning, Project Implementation, Technical, and Functional support to UNESCO MGIEP for 8 countries.


Our tasks started with identifying the schools and students who will become parts of these massive studies. We helped UNESCO MGIEP Onboard 25+ Schools in India, and the UAE for the implementation of these programs. Upon identification of schools, we assisted UNESCO MGEIP with planning and executing the implementation, continuously serving as the point-of-contact between the schools and UNESCO MGIEP. We also assisted UNESCO MGEIP with capacity building of the schools and teachers, and later assisting the schools and the students to effectively take the courses and the assessments. 

We worked closely with UNESCO MGIEP to provide Functional and Technical Support in countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Japan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and South Africa, besides the UAE and India. This included assisting the local partners and schools with the platform, and resolving all technical problems that the schools might face during the implementation. 

Tasks Performed

Brainwiz provided implementation and functional support to UNESCO MGIEP to carry out implementation in 8 countries!

Onboarding of Schools

We assisted UNESCO MGIEP with onboarding approx. 25 schools in India and the UAE

Capacity Building for Teachers

We assisted UNESCO MGIEP with hosting online and offline capacity building sessions for the teachers

Course Completion for Students

We worked closely with the schools and the students to ensure that they complete their courses on the platform


We assisted UNESCO MGIEP in conducting Pre and Post implementation assessments for the program

Technical Support

We assisted local implementation partners in different countries with technical issues on UNESCO MGIEP’s Platform

Reporting and Documentation

We documented progress at every stage and presented reports to UNESCO MGIEP with multiple actionable insights

Key Outcomes

This has been one of the most insightful work that Brainwiz has done.

Scale and Reach

With these projects, Brainwiz got an opportunity to work with hundreds of educators and thousands across the world. 


UNESCO MGIEP’s assessments clearly showed that the students who took these courses showed improvements in their competencies of Empathy, Mindulness, Compassion, and Critical Inquiry.


We are using all this experience to curate learning material for our learners and capacity-building resources for academic institutions. 


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