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Brainwiz conducted a survey for the youth of North India to draw attention towards existing gaps in the awareness about the concept of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals among the youth. The survey also highlights the contrasting perceptions of kids in tier-I cities vs those in tier-II and tier-III cities.

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Youth is supposed to be the drivers of the Sustainable Development and the pioneers for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But do they know what the SDGs are?

We all realise how important is the role of the youth in realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but have we ever thought if the youth even knows, understands, and relates with SDGs at all? We tried to find this out when we undertook a huge survey in North India to find it out.

Scope and Methodology

We worked with 1000+ students from multiple schools and organisations across North India

The survey was conducted for a total of 1086 respondents. Out of the total respondents, 672 belonged to a tier-I city while  414 belonged to tier-II and tier-III cities. 661 Boys and 340 Girls participated in the survey and 85 respondents chose to not disclose their gender.

The survey was conducted in the form of a questionnaire which was made available to learners in a language that they could interpret and ample time was given to answer each question. The questions were objective in nature and were focused on the SDGs.


The survey brought forward some amazing data points


43.2% of the respondents said that they don’t know about the SDGs at all and more than 55% say that they do not know for whom the SDGs are designed. 

Relevance of SDGs

Almost 50% of all respondents do not find half of the SDGs important in their lives

Economy vs Social vs Environmental Growth

While 86% of the girls believe that all these elements are important for Sustainable Development, 48% of the boys gave importance to individual elements.

Fixing Responsibility

16.29% respondents feel that it’s the Government’s job to help a country grow sustainably, while 3.9% feel that Private Sector should help a country grow sustainable while almost 64% feel that it should be a collective responsibility.


More than 21% of the students in tier-II/III cities believe that the government should be responsible for Sustainable Development this as apposed to only 13% students in tier-I city.

Future Looks Bright

83.8% respondents believe that as the youth of this country, they can play an important role in helping the country grow sustainably.

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Based on the outcomes of the session, Brainwiz organised multiple capacity building sessions with schools and NGOs, equipping educators with knowledge and resources to talk about the SDGs with their students!

Ranking of SDGs by Students

We asked students to rank the SDGs in accordance with the relevance they hold in their lives. 


Highest Scorers

Students ranked Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Good Health and Well Being as the most relevant SDGs for them. Almost 60% of the students find these important.

Close Seconds

Gender Equality, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, No Poverty, and Decent Work & Economic Growth were liked by almost 50% of the students. 

Not so Relevant

Partnership to Achieve all Goals, Life Below Water, and Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure ranked as the least relevant SDGs.


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