SEL at New Arya Public School

Enhancing competencies of Empathy, Compassion, and Mindfulness with Sustainable Development Goals


Brainwiz worked with New Arya Public School in Anand Parvat in Delhi to create widespread awareness about the SDGs amongst the students and study the impacts of ESD on the Socio-Emotional Competencies of the students. New Arya Public School caters to the urban-poor population residing in the slums of Anand Parbat in Delhi.

Worked With

Teachers and the Students of New Arya Public School, Anand Parvat

Field of Work

– Education for Sustainable Development

– Socio-Emotional Learning

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Here are some of the highlights from the project

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Is Sustainable Development only about the environment?

We often restrict ourselves into thinking that Sustainable Development is only about the environment and hence focus on topics like Climate Change, Environment, and Consumption of Resources. But, when we interacted with the kids of New Arya Public School, we realised that these kids face sustainability challenges of their own. And these are not related to environment or judicious consumption of resources. These kids faced issues like Gender Abuse, Violation of Rights, Substance Abuse. It became important for us to pick up topics that would not only enhance the skills of the students, but also improve their overall living conditions.

Hence, we worked with the students on the SDG of  Good Health & WellBeing, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities, and Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.

The aim was help these kids realise the problems in their present living conditions, help them imagine a better living condition for themselves, and then empower them to execute that vision. The school administration, and the teachers also played an important role in this 6-month long project.


Scope of Work

We worked with the teachers and the students of the school to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in their timetable to eventually enhance the key SEL competencies of Empathy, Compassion, and Mindfulnes

Brainwiz worked closely with the school teachers to first identify the competencies that we will work on. Upon identifying the competencies and the topics, we assisted the school to carry out assessments for the students.

We then assisted the school in taking up sessions on topics that would sensitise students about the topics of Good Health & WellBeing, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities, and Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions. The students also participated in many activities and fun-interactions during this period.

Finally, to continue the engagement, we helped the school set-up a paper-bag making workshop that would serve s their in-house centre for teamwork and compassion.

Tasks Performed

We worked closely with the teachers and the students to run this pilot


We conducted assessments for students to measure the requirements and the impact of the program

Capacity Building for Teachers

We worked with the teachers to help them with integrating the aspects of ESD in their classes

Curriculum Design

We created special curriculum for students to meet their requirements 

On-Ground Sessions

We conducted on-ground training sessions for teachers and students

Setting up of Workshop

We assisted the school in setting up a Paper-bag making workshop for students

Handholding support

We continued to provide assistance and support to the school after the intervention was over

Watch Brainwiz’s founder Tarush Jain talk about this project and more in his TEDx Talk!

Key Outcomes

With this pilot, we could prove the effectiveness of Education for Sustainable Development pedagogies in enhancing the SEL competencies of learners

Sensitisation towards SDGs

With this program, the students learned about the important SDGs like, Good Health & WellBeing, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities, and Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.

Enhanced SEL Competencies

The assessments we took at different stages of the program highlighted that the competencies of Empathy, Compassion, and Mindfulness of the students got enhanced through this program.

Participation of Multiple Stakeholders

After the successful pilot, the school and the parents shared about their learnings and willingness to continue engaging with ESD pedagogies for a holistic development of the students.


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